The Bridge to Neverland

Title : The Bridge to Never Land
Author : Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson 
Rating : 4.5 Stars 

One summer morning while Aidan and Sarah are visiting their grandfather, they discover a secret compartment in his battered wooden desk. Inside is a yellowed envelope that contains a piece of very thin, almost translucent, white paper, on which, handwritten in black ink, are a series of seemingly random lines; among them are what appear to be fragments of letters, but not enough to make sense. At the bottom of the page is a verse about Peter Peter and a reference to a real hotel in London.
As it happens, the family is about to embark on a trip to Europe, so the children decide that while in London, they will try to locate the hotel. Through some careful sleuthing, they manage to discover its location, and once inside, they find another clue.
The Bridge to Never Land will take Sarah and Aidan on a quest that will challenge them to solve a series of puzzles, which will gradually convince them that Peter Pan is not fiction after all. They will discover what happened to the remainder of the starstuff cache that Wendy and Peter fought to protect many years ago. But that's only the beginning. They'll find that in the early twentieth century, Wendy and the other Starcatchers embarked onone last great mission--tofind a way to protect Never Land island, with magical creatures and its precious starstuff supply, from the increasingly intrusive the outside world.

Source : Goodreads

New breath of joy ride to Never Land comes to lead me in every pages. Whatever it may seem, Starcatchers and starstuffs are for real, and everyone is in search for it like from the start. It will take you to another unpredictable adventures of Peter Pan. Your feelings regarding Peter Pan will keep on coming back. Ive been dreaming to see him and to travel to Never Land and never grow up. This riveting sequel brings back your childhood memories into a unique way. It will never be just for middle-graders or for Young-Adults, its for every people who experience an immense childhood adventures and wished that from every single time they think that it will last forever. It will enthrill your imagination believing on the impossible things, and it feels great.

From the moment I started reading the Starcatcher series, it never fails to amaze me with every books. It creates a solely enchanting and drastic world on my mind that I never thought I could still imagine beyond it. One of the most things that I love on this series is their unique creativity to create a prequel on the most acclaimed children stories of all time. It definitely makes me feel that I backtrack the life of Peter seeing him as an orphanage lad until he became what he really is, Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up. On the other hand, Never Land was still created to perfection. Whether the Giant Crocodile and Mermaids coexists, it still embodies a great and wonderful place to live in. They've created a novel that still maintains the original roles and places that J.M. Barrie had written.

Well on this sequel, it follows the quirky and scary adventure of Aidan and Sarah for the Starcatchers. They search for the truth and Lord Ombra awaits them. I still feel the same level of excitement everytime I read that they are searching for starstuffs and to seek the answer from Peter Pan. I keep on reading and reading to see and feel what would Aidan and Sarah can take the risk to discover the Never Land. Its the curiosity of the people that drives them to push forward and see the truth for themselves, but these characters at their young age already showed that bravery can be done even in the most impossible times. They never know how to quit on their goals, and I think that most children should start reading this series. I was very giddy knowing how can the characters search for the Never Land beyond those clues that they've got, I keep on thinking its their will to find and seek Peter Pan and help them seal the remaining starstuffs.

Another thing, everytime I see Peter Pan always asking for Molly and Wendy, I became utterly sad at no time. I feel his loneliness at some point. It feels like he wanted to know that maybe, just maybe someone might have seen them that can somehow make him feel relieved. Overall, this sequel is definitely makes the present and future times entwined and I'm pretty sure it will have another sequel.