Year Ender Post

Well first off, I would like to thank you all for making my 2012 so memorable and AWESOME!!! You've all made me feel so happy and crazy at the same time. It was such a great ride to be with you guys. So without further ado, I'd like to give thanks to these people who just made my book blogging life so great.


Ummm..who did I miss on this list??? Guess I already completed all of these book-bloggers. I am so happy that I meet everyone of them. They are all very hilarious and fun to be with. All of them have different interest on every genres of books. Especially Dystopian Young-Adult books. 

Next, of course, the books that just took me into different worlds more than I could ever imagine!
I admit that at first when I saw a book with the cover that is not so good or astonishing, I was like  

Then after I take a chance on reading it, usually for a whole or couple of days. I am like this,

I was like some other people who keeps on judging the book by its cover, but now it totally changed. It was like choosing on the world that you would want to fill in. But then I realized that, where is the chill and thrill if there are no surprises. Every book that I read, whether I randomly saw and bought it or I choose to buy it, It all feels surreal. 

After I was obsessed by a book, I feel like I am still floating with it together with the characters. Then by very rare chance National Bookstore just made an official signing event for Lauren Oliver for her second book Pandemonium. I saw on their website that there will be a chance for her fans to have a dinner party with her and get to know her more, closely. I take a chance on joining the contest, I ask five different questions to her and then send it. Hours were like days when I wait on who are the winners. Then after that I saw my name on their Facebook Page that I am included to have a dinner party with her. I am EXACTLY like this,

I know that there are so many fans that are dying to meet her closely. I am with my cousin at that time since they said that we can include one for the dinner party. I swear when she came out of the door, my cousin and I were ALL this.

It was really a WONDERFUL event that I'll never forget.

Lastly, I am looking forward for more books that I'll read next year and book bloggers that I can meet anytime. Again THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF MY 2012 MEMORIES.



  1. Eeeeeep! Thank you so so much! Happy New Year to you! ♥

  2. Happy New Year! Thanks for making my blogging life colorful :D