My 2012 Best Books/Authors List and 2013 Most Awaited Books/Authors List

2012 was a lot of whole breaking year of my book blogging life. Because it is the year that I start creating this blog. All I can think about when I was writing a review seems not interesting at all. Seriously, if you have a chance read some of my previous reviews its really shameful to read. I swear. Its just like a review of an obsessive fangirl who only know is to share all of her silly little thoughts of the novel. 

Then after a month, well maybe after six months (totally), I became somehow more intent on writing a review that can make a clear thoughts in my head and also the things that I've felt while I was reading it. 

My 2012 Best Books and Author List

1. Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver (Review)
2. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (Review)
3. Room by Emma Donoghue (Review)
4. Juliet Immortal (Review) and Romeo Redeemed (Review) by Stacey Jay
5. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (Review)

One thing that really captivates me more on connecting with different authors is when Stacey Jay made a contest on whoever will submit a review of her sequel Romeo Redeemed will receive a book. At first I thought that there would be no chance for me to be a winner since there are so many reviewers that can write a great review more than me. But then I still give it a shot, I wrote a review that totally express all my thoughts of her book. She noticed and appreciated my review after that, then she said that she'll send me magnets and tattoos instead since there is already a winner. But she's so kind and sweet that she still considerate on sending me some stuff. I am very happy at that time. I never expected that actually. Here are the stuffs that she sent to me. 

Note : Its my own copy of the book and I just stick her note on the first page of the book. 

My 2013 Most Awaited Books and Authors List

On the other hand, I am truly excited for these books to be released. These are the list of the books that I can't get enough of. I would even try anything just to have an ARC of this books.


There are bunch of them but for now, this is one of my TOP list. I can't wait to read this. Then because of my persistent personality, I requested and acquired these two e-galleys. 

I would like to give a big super hug to Harlequin and SmartPop/BenBella Books for accepting my request. This time I'll be more dediacated (is this me?) and expressive on writing reviews. What do you think of my list? I'd like to know yours.