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Phoenix (Black City, #2)Title : Phoenix (Black City # 2)
Author : Elizabeth Richards
Rating : 4 Stars!

Hardcover, 368 pages
Published June 4th 2013 by Putnam Juvenile
ISBN : 0399159444 (ISBN13: 9780399159442)
Ash and Natalie are just starting to build a life together when things in the United Sentry States go from bad to worse. Ash and Natalie find themselves at the center of turmoil when dictator Purian Rose threatens Natalie’s life unless Ash votes in favor of Rose’s Law—a law that will send Darklings and other dissenters to a deadly concentration camp known as the Tenth.

When Ash can’t bring himself to trade Natalie’s life for those of millions of Darklings, her fate is sealed. Enter Elijah Theroux, the handsome Bastet boy Natalie once saved from her mother’s labs, where he’d been experimented on and tortured. It was his venom the Sentry used to create the lethal Golden Haze, the heart of the government conspiracy that led to Black City’s uprising and Ash’s rebirth as the Phoenix, the face of the rebellion. Elijah is back and Ash doesn’t like him; it’s clear he’s taken with Natalie, and Ash fears she may have feelings for him as well.

But Elijah also may have the answer to taking down Purian Rose for good—a powerful weapon called the Ora. Ash, Natalie and Elijah just have to escape Black City undetected to find it. But fleeing the city and finding this weapon (if it even exists) are easier said than done, and the quest could tear Ash and Natalie apart, even pushing them into the arms of others.

This enthralling sequel to Black City is just as absorbing, delicious and steamy as the first book, leaving readers hungry for the series conclusion.

Source : Goodreads 
Black City thrilled and gripped me until the very end. From the beginning of the story, Ash and Natalie sparked in a very captivating way. Even the Black City itself was interesting to form on my mind. Every part of Black City, the walls, people, and Darklings, I devoured all of it. That's the sole reason why I'm very excited to read the sequel, Phoenix. 
As soon as I read the synopsis, I've never been more eager to read and uncover how Ash and Natalie can move forward on destroying Purian Rose's plan. Phoenix continues after Ash was resurrected from his execution, he became fierce and more determined to overturn every bit of Purian Rose. But of course, Purian Rose already predicted some plans of Ash and Natalie. He forms a rebellion to all nation. He fires up insurgence of every people who wanted to vote against him and made false promises into the people who will support him. His unique way of administration even hypnotized people who supported him. Anger flashed on Ash and Natalie when they've faced a dilemma that could change their lives entirely, as well as the people. 

They formed their own faction to break down Purian Rose plan. Elijah suddenly entered on their lives promising them to help on the rebellion and at the same time to help him find her mother that can definitely defeat Purian Rose, the Ora. Just like a Phoenix that reborn from fire, Ash moves forward to ruin Purian Rose, even if it takes to burn down the Black City. Fire ignited within the course of the story when Natalie discovered a virus that lives upon her. (I don't want to spoil any further on this point. Peace out.) Ash was confused from all of it, but he somehow averts any of it for the sake of his people. But even so, Ash, Natalie and Elijah made a team on working in and out to survive and form a rebellion at its best.

After I read Phoenix, how should I put this straight...I was deeply astonished how Phoenix elevates Black City. The characters become more fierce, intense and menacing. I loved reading how Ash and Natalie form their strength together to beat Purian Rose. Ash is such a man that I can drift off anytime. I admire his courage to take full responsibility in defending his people and Natalie. He became familiar in defeating Purian Rose and possess an immeasurable fortitude to fight until the very end. Natalie on the other hand, she became more matured on this story. I admired how she managed to put up her guts in joining the revolution and supporting Ash at all times.

Elijah, I'm all hands-up on this man. He's so adorable and irresistible. Yeah, those are the main traits that I loved about him. But above all, I admire his bravery. I find him very funny and a quirky character to read, under this serious rebellion that keeps on going on from the story, Elijah is one hell of character that lifts up my heart. It's different from the way that I feel of the affections and emotions of Ash and Natalie. It's just that everytime I read Elijah's statements or should I say words of humour, I find myself being giddy all over him. So yeah, I love this guy. 

The rebellion is something that I totally seized upon Phoenix. As Ash and Natalie discovers and unveil secrets while they're planning on defeating Purian Rose, I find it very enjoyable to read. Yes, very enjoyable. Because once you start reading it, you'll find yourself hopping into different places and situations to stand up and survive. Another thing that I devoured on this sequel, in the middle of it, there are steamy-romance-heart-breaking scenes within this story. Mind you, it's very surprising and unpredictable.

Phoenix sinks in into the deep parts of defiance and revolution. It can grip every readers into the end. You won't seem to notice the time because once you start reading it, the voices of insurgence and darkness grips your eyes to read more. It also depicts a new form of loyalty to defend the nation and at the same time the person you love. The sequel takes the readers into unforeseeable events and predicaments until the end.

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