2014 Debut Authors Bash hosted by YA Reads

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August ended in an instant to be honest. There are a lots of new releases and book events that did happened last month and it is very memorable for me. But now that September entered, which is almost the start of the Christmas season, we are having a Debut Author Bash hosted by YA Reads wherein we will bring different authors for you. Of course, the end of this event always comes with a giveaway! *winks* 

As for me in particular, I am bringing you Megan Whitmer author of Between. Last month, we exchanged emails about her new book and everything about this event. She's very approachable to be exact. Not in the way that you'll actually approach her in real life, but in the internet world -- she is so adorable! I get to know her in many ways and it was such an honor to be the one hosting her as one of the debut authors this month.

Between is published by Spencer Hill Press and last month, its available on NetGalley and Edelweiss for the early book reviewers. I am not sure if up until this month, its still up to download. I did get a chance to have an e-copy and I started the first chapter. The idea itself is unique for me given that there are many YA books being released every month, Between is more like one of the nature themed ones. 

Without further ado, here is my interview with her...

Megan Whitmer1. Can you tell us 3 -5 random facts about you?I’m obsessed with music—a good song can make my whole day.

I have never read Lord of the Rings.
I’m afraid of spoiled milk- I won’t touch it if it’s within two days of the expiration date.
I have my B.A. in Psychology.

2. *super* Favorite book is?

My all time favorite book is If You Lived Here, I’d Know Your Name by Heather Lende, which is a nonfiction collection of stories about living in Alaska. It’s pretty impossible for me to choose my favorite YA book. I’d probably have to say Anna and the French Kiss today, and I may have a completely difference choice tomorrow!

3. What made you decided to write a novel about a world with mythical creatures? I think it’s fun to write about magic and imaginary things, because you can really do whatever you want. In Between, the Fellowship is in charge of hiding mythical creatures from humans, so I was able to make lots of little twists on what we supposedly already know about mythical creatures as a way of showing how the Fellowship does its best to mislead us or alter facts in an effort to keep us from knowing too much. I loved that.
4. Do you have any inspiration or book references when you were writing the world of Ellauria?
Not really. In Between, the mystical realm was created by Mother Nature, so the various worlds found within it are nature-based. Ellauria is basically a natural wonderland—enormous trees, magical fields, lakes that serve as portals, etc. I spent a lot of time outside and looking at pictures of natural wonders on Pinterest!

5. Out of all the characters or any mythical creatures, who is the one that resembles you or even reminds you of?Charlie is me in so many ways, but I can’t decide if she became me or I became her. I worked on this story for three years, and over that time her voice became stronger and stronger. 

6. Can you share us one particular obstacle you've had when you were writing Between?We turned Between from a standalone into book one of a trilogy, which involved several major plot changes. I had to constantly remind myself what had actually happened in the book. I once wrote an entire chapter based on a a certain event happening, only to remember that I’d taken the event out because it didn’t make sense with the new plot anymore. That was a super joyful day.

7. What's next for Between? Any new books coming up?
I’m working on book two in the Between trilogy right now, and will start work on book three as soon as this one is turned in!

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As I promised, the end of this post ends with a giveaway!
You can win a copy of Between and this giveaway is for US and Canada residents only.



  1. Psychology interest me also. I'm think about taking a college course early!
    Anyway, I'm sold w/ the mythical creature thing. This book has really caught my attention & I plan to check it out, thanks.

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  3. This book sounds really unique and intriguing! And I am kind of glad it is a series, I just love a series! Great interview :)