Alex London's Signing Event Recap

It's been almost 2 weeks since I posted ANYTHING on this blog. To be honest, I really had a hard time adjusting my time frame when it comes to work and blogging. It happens a lot for me. I am not good at planning things. That's the main reason I just posted once in a while in here. Sucks to be me. *totally*


Anyway, let's just skip all those excuses of mine and get on with the main content here.

National Bookstore brought the author of Guardian and Proxy, Alex London. It is really exceptional to hear his answers and thoughts about writing and his life. His answers just came out of the box and showed all of his experiences of becoming an author.

We came an hour early that's why there are few vacant seats but we didn't managed to because some of those are already reserved to some readers with their friends.

An hour later...
Why people are so tall and I am not?

Trivia about Alex London and his books :
  • Proxy was his 10th book. Which clearly means Guardian is the 11th.
  • Upon the release of Proxy, his publishers decided to create another action pack sexy author name that will make a great impact for Young Adult readers. Given that he had so many names with this different genre of the books he had written, from Charles London he changed it as Alex London.
  • The character of Marie in Proxy is named after none other than Marie Lu. When Alex London was working on the draft of Proxy, he sent it to her to seek for suggestion which helped him a lot on polishing Proxy. In return of a great appreciation, a character of a book was named after Marie Lu.
  • Marie Lu liked the idea that the character named after her can kick some ass on Proxy.
  • Alex London created and described Syd as brown and Knox as a white one. Since Syd is one of the protagonist of the story, Alex London wanted his readers to imagine as one of the heroes in spite of colors.
  • When writing, Alex London likes to surprise himself and he thinks on putting his characters on impossible situations then he plays the characters how will they get out of it.
  • Alex London jokingly said that authors like him are fueled by drinking the tears of their readers everytime they kill a character.
  • Speaking of killing a character, given that Proxy is a dystopian themed one, Alex London wants to show the truth behind that world. He didn't want to lie and say nothing bad will happen to them
  • He wanted to write stories for people who will get late at work and skip a train unknowingly because of an exceptional book.
  • His biggest writing influence is his sister. She was his first exposure to stories.
  •  Given that Guardian is the last book of the duology, Alex London admitted that he is not yet done with the characters. There will be more for Syd and Knox. He's just not yet sure if it's a short story or another one.
  •  When he was writing Proxy, he did no research about biotechnology. All of it came out in his innovative mind. 

It was such an honor to be with Alex London to be honest. He clearly diverse the idea of LGBT books all over the world. I can feel how he wanted to show and prove to his readers how all people are equal and their feelings are precious.  

 Me, Alex London and his books! *fangirl*

The whole group! :D


What's your happiest time with Alex London? Leave a comment and I'll be happy to fangirl with you!