Event Recap : Lang Leav Book Signing #LangLeavInPH

Tons of people waits for the early Christmas present of National Bookstore for its loyal readers - Lang Leav. Last month, the Goodreads Choice Awards tallied all the winners for several categories and what was truly amazing is that the winner for the category for Poetry is Lang Leav. So you can see how Filipino's are eager to be up close with one of the famous poets this year.

So when National Bookstore made this banner all over the social media, goodness gracious, let's have a party ladies and gentlemen! In line with this, we had an opportunity to ask several questions to her.

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Isn't she an exact replica of a doll. (!!!)

On techniques in writing poems

She doesn't have a particular technique because she writes by her instinct. But she tries her writing to make more compact and to leave all that emotions. Now it all comes naturally to her. But basically, she doesn't have a technique.

On her time management for fashion, art and poetry.

It is actually a common misconception that people think she do all of those things all at once. She did the fashion many years ago and she also got to arts and music as well.  At this moment writing has taken over her time in the last couple of years.

On writing process and inspirations.

She doesn't have a writing process. she just write when she can and she feels like doing so. Generally, the night time is one of the best time for her to write her poems. In inspirations, they've come from her readers online and the people who had shared stories to her online. She did commonly get a lot of sad stories.

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On writing Lullabies over the course of successful publishing of Love & Misadventures.

It actually did made her feel more easier for her to write Lullabies at that time because by then she was writing secured in the publisher and that part was easy. She doesn't have to go with it alone with the initial self-publishing that she did on Love & Misadventures.

On writing Lullabies, she just write anyway because she like to put blank materials for her readers and pretty soon she;ll have another material for her new book.

On choices between poetry, fashion and art. 

In terms of choices, she just do with her guts and what she felt was working for her. When the writing started taking off, she definitely now that writing is the forerunner because of the response that she got was much much bigger from her artworks. It's great that she'd done both of them.

On what can we expect for next year.

In 2015 she will have another poetry book on its way. She's also halfway from a book that she's writing but she doesn't know yet if it will have a 2015 release day yet. That's something her readers can look forward next year.

On having another interpretation on her poems from her readers.

Lang Leav absolutely love it and that her readers can take a poem in different ways. She thinks that its the beauty of poems, the way her readers see them as the protagonist itself.

On specific person or moment she started writing poems.

She haven't realized that because poetry is something that she'd always done and normally when she had a hard time before her poetry went all over the bookstores, writing was just getting her feelings and continue to be more prolific when she's going through a tough time.

There you have it, this was all that we've asked on her at that time. It all ended in a flash but the feelings were definitely not temporary. It was such a lovely time listening on her progress of writing up to its publishing phase.

And of course, we then proceed on book signing and took a picture with her. She's so beautiful up-close. I swear.

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After that, we went to the public signing. It was only limited for 500 persons as far as I know but it looked like it passed the limit. Readers were all waiting patiently on her grand entrance and some were texting and some were reading her books.

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At the registration line...

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The stage...

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Thanks to Lang Leav for coming back the second time around. She still never fail to amaze us with her heartwarming and achingly sweet poems.

National Bookstore, thank you very much for the early Christmas present! We love you! :D