Clashing your bookish TIME and work HOURS.

For the past years, I've been slacking and procastinating almost everything of my bookish time just to finish my work. Now, if you're a student who can't wait to graduate just to buy all the books that you want, you better not think twice, think as many times as you want. Because the trouble here is when you graduated and got that job that you want or just needed to do, finding your time to read is TERRIFYINGLY HARD.

I'd like to share to you my top problems when it lessens my time to read books in exchange of extending work hours that affects me TOO MUCH.

1. Time is ticking and I have no choice but to slip it away.

Ah, I could've finish that book in a day. -________-

2.  Since time just slips away, I became so late on posting book tours because I am not yet even in the middle of it. Which is definitely frustrating.

One last chapter is not enough, yes?

3. Bookish news? What are they?


4. I realized there are new releases a AFTER A WEEK OR TWO. Oh yeah, internet huh?


Thank God for Goodreads Newsletters though. But they call it newsletters for a reason. *sometimes it's just ain't enough*

5. What are those tweets? Who are those characters? Someone died again?!?!?!?


6.  Making a sudden rebellion on work just to extend my reading time is equal to grave consequences.


Deadline, Leslie. DEADline.

7. To sleep/rest or To read?


But you know what they usually say, you hold your life or it's up to you to manage you time and the most common is, "Work smart not hard". Ahhhh, I guess it'll take me forever to understand the scales of time. Life is great when you have books around but there's an emptiness inside when you have them but you can't have the spare time to read.



  1. Oh Leslie I can feel you deep down my heart! I'm a student in college and time is my mortal enemy. We don't get along so much. I go to school by 8am and finish by 5pm. From school to home is almost an hour drive, and it drives me crazy for not having the time to read books. There are assignments to work on, quizzes and tests to study for. Sigh. I wonder when I'll balance my life and reading.

    1. College is so hard to take! Especially when it comes to thesis...-_____-