Recap: Leigh Bardugo's Book Signing and Bloggers Forum

Saturday last week was the day when Filipino readers were all enraged to meet the author of the Grisha Trilogy. The one who created the Sun Summoner, Tracker, and Darkling. National bookstore made the readers to catch a glimpse of heaven, seriously. Because Leigh Bardugo is the one of the authors who easily made her readers to be inside the Shadowfold and make us believe to the Sun Summoner, Alina. So there's no doubt about why readers waited in line to see her and sign their copies.

We had a privilege to ask several questions about the Grisha Trilogy and her upcoming book, Six of Crows. We learned certain facts about her books and she was definitely an entertaining and a funny author. It just felt like we were talking over a long-time friend who was away and she just talks everything endlessly. It was totally a memorable day on me.

Facts about her, Grisha Trilogy and Six of Crows:
  • If she would choose what amplifier to use, it is the Firebird. I'm sure people who've read it will now why.  Ha!
  • She would want to collaborate with Laini Taylor. Because she's a kind of author who writes and rereads her manuscript and outlines it as well. Aside from her, of course, it is none other than JK Rowling. Most likely she would watch her writing and stare in amazement.
  • She has a new book coming out in August, a horror story to be specific. And it'll be out in August. She also have an upcoming book with Stephanie Perkins together with other authors. It'll be set in New England. 
  • She rarely cut scenes on her book because she writes in an outline way. But during the editing process of Siege and Storm there was over a hundred pages she wrote that occurred during the battle scenes and she ended up placing it in the middle of Ruin and Rising.
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  • Upon writing Shadow and Bone, she wanted to be something different and it instantly felt Russia feels the right place in the world. And in terms of medieval, she wanted to view the rise of medieval technology and magic.
  • The setting of Six of Crows was really different from what she thought before she wrote it down. There was 5 POV's flashback, but it's all happening in tremendous clock like a suicide mission. She wanted this time, to write about who were not the chosen ones. The characters who are just looking to survive and that's a different journey for her.
  • She MIGHT write a book for Sturmhound. But it won't happen for a few years. *tears* People who have read it knows there's a much bigger story for him. He's a type of character that even though there's too much darkness, he's there keeping a company to anyone.
  • The world of Grisha didn't come in a full form. She used to be a makeup artist and her friends usually call her to do a favor on them. Which commonly happens every Halloween and that's why she leaves town on that day. But she did ended up doing makeup for 3 hours and stayed out at the house to rest and have a full sleep. And she suddenly woke up with complete pitch black darkness all over the place, the kind of darkness that she can't see her hands, completely alone and terrified that someone might sneak in. Then she thought of questions like, "What if darkness is a place? Why would you go there? Why were you in there from the start?" That's the point when the idea of Shadowfold was created and the rest follows after that.

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One thing that I loved on every forum is the time when I get to meet these ladies after a very long months. I missed you all!!!! <3 allthesmiles="" br="">
Afterwards, Leigh signed our copies and guess what, we got an ARC of her new book Six of Crows! *happy dance*

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