My Top 10 Books of 2015

2015 clearly made a lot of new book released for several authors. Whether it is a debut, sequel or even a prequel one, the authors made it's way to push their edges to publish new ones. It was entirely a great year for us, booklovers. Literally felt like this,

Several people I knew in Goodreads surely achieved their Goodreads Challenge last year. But unfortunately, not on my end. I actually ended up having on such a long reading slump and it was quite hard for me to read another book. There is a particular book that nearly brought me out on my reading slump. It was Promises I Made by Michelle Zink, I can't thank her enough for writing such a true and bold words she had made. Aside from that, there are other books that reached a high ratings on me.

Here are my Top 10 books of 2015.

*This image is in no particular order.*

The Last Time We Say Goodbye is equal to a million teardrops that I shed. Not because it was about suicide, but it was able to illuminate and dig in through the pain of losing someone. It wasn't the type of book that'll make you reflect things entirely, it was more about acceptance. This book is worth greater than just 5 stars.

Vendetta is like reading a new genre to be honest. Yes, it has a dash of romance and mystery but what made me like this book is the protagonist and the theme of it. Imagine it as Romeo and Juliet meets Mafia. That's it.

The Crown of Midnight and Heir Of Fire by Sarah J. Maas. I will only say this once on my blog but, will it be possible to marry her books? Like to have them in my arms, like to legally have them. And no one else can? This book is so damn terrific. If you haven't read it, please do.

I Wish is one of the genie themed book that I insanely loved. I requested this on NetGalley and I am so glad that I read it right away at that time. The genie and her master are completely opposite with each other and the genie makes a daily report to his 'manager' with his status. And guess what, love comes along and boom, just read it!

The Sin Eaters Daughter is one of the books that is full of surprises. It was slow at first and I almost gave up on it, but when I reached on its plot twist, I almost wanted to contact the author. The setting of the story is quite enchanting. You'll see how good it was to see treachery at its finest.

Angel Dares by Joss Stirling is one of the books that is always on my radar every year. This lady can create one of the hottest, sweetest and bravest guy you will ever want. I always wanted to see how she will create a new soulfinder for the Benedict brothers. Nothing is more than great that seeing a happily ever after.

Love Letters to the Dead is one of the deepest books I've read last year. The synopsis was actually quite simple to see. Sister writes letters to dead people. But surprisingly, it's not just an ordinary letters. The story behind those letters are deeply moving and sad and full of maturity.

The Conspiracy of Us is quite confusing to me at first. But as I progress onto the story I see the beauty of it. It was seeing an art gently making its way to a masterpiece. It was full of mysteries and romance which I dearly loved. The only thing that I need to is to have the sequel in my hands!

P.S. I Still Love You is so beautiful. On the first book, it only showed the innocent type of love the characters were able to give. On the sequel, they matured enough to see how a relationship can last long and the chances and trust to each other.

What is your top 10 books of 2015? :)