Victoria Aveyard in PH Event Recap

Two days ago (Sunday), the NYT Best-Selling Author of Red Queen and Glass Sword visited her fans here. Before that, she was also on Cebu surrounded with so much love and welcoming smiles from them. From the pictures shared by National Bookstore, it was all a clear success. Everyone got a big smile on their faces, Victoria and her fans.

So after that, here in Manila, the crowd doubled. As far as I know, it reached until 1,200 copies to sign on it. I got there and it was a long line from the entrance of the mall way down into the bookstore. They were all holding on tight to their copies, waiting to get signed. It never gets old on me to see how cool booklovers can wait so much for her. Well, who wouldn't be anyway. All of us wanted to see the creator of Mare, Cal, Maven, Scarlet Guards and everything about her books. We are fortunate to have a set of questions for her and it were a bizarre answers that we had.

Facts that we've learned about Victoria:

1. She learned the trick on telling a story during her filming school. It was an intensive course. The 1st and 2nd act and breaking down the stories, internalizing and pacing the story. Also, escalation is the real game. The progress of the story as it goes on and on.

2. Screenwriting and novel writing has some differences as well. With the novel, she realize she can have the freedom to picture out the place, people and get to play with it on her own. On screenwriting, it needs to be precise, like the connotation to describe a place.

3. The names of the characters came mostly in Latin. She wanted it to have some sort of meaning and derivations with their names. Which was definitely adds up spice on it. On their abilities, she just searched it all up on Wikipedia. And with that, she immensely reflect the characters personality with accordance to their abilities.

4. The third book does not have a title yet, she's still on the process of writing it. But the other characters of Glass Sword will took place more on the third book. That is much all she can say from now.

5. After Red Queen series, she wanted to do more screenplay and try other genres like fantasy and drama. Also, historical fiction. But other than that, she already signed with another new book.

6. If there are some points of advice she can share to aspiring authors is to start on a rough draft. It is one of the common advice but really, write at the end. That's a key start of it. Since she already liked writing action packed scenes, it was easy on her doing it on Red Queen and Glass Sword. Other than that, she also has some difficulties when it comes on romantic scenes. Still, it is to internalize the language of the scenes that makes it a good start on writing.

7. She started Red Queen in the world or image of the arena of Mare who electrocuted her executioner. And that takes places for the rest of the characters and in which people it can relate to.

8. Red Queen supposed to be a trilogy but when Glass Sword was written, she realized the last book won't be enough. Because the book could be large for anyone her readers to binge on it. That is why they all agreed to have the fourth book coming as well.

After that, she gladly signed all our copies. Luckily, we all got a Glass Sword Bookmark and have a picture with her. Her eyelashes are so beautiful. *dreamy eyes*

And that's a wrap! These are some of the things we have acquired on her. It was such an amazing and memorable one to have her time. In fact, she's so engaged throughout the book signing event. We are so overwhelmed to have her invited here. I am so thankful for National Bookstore and HarperCollins for bringing her. I'm looking forward into more book events like these.

Together with the PH YA Book Bloggers!!! :D



  1. This was such an awesome recap and event! Victoria is just an awesome lady! :D

    1. Totally true! Can't wait to read your recap. :)

  2. Thank you very much for sharing PH Event Recap. It was great to read this post. I wanted to attend this event as it was organized at an event venue quite close to my sister’s home but had to cancel the program due to personal reasons.