The Philippine Readers & Writers Festival 2016 #GoReadWrite2016

Last weekend (Aug. 26 - 28) was a great and cool treat for Filipino booklovers. Once a year, National Bookstore held an event dedicated to their loyal readers and gaves us the chance to have a talk or meeting which was all about books. Every topic depends on which date we will get to attend with. In support to my book blogger friends, Kate, Kai, Hazel and Lyra, which scheduled on a Sunday. Their panel was all about Book Blogging 101. I also got to meet a Bookstagrammer, Eunice. The panel are open to any topics that can enhance book bloggers to widen their influence to others. 

I actually arrived late so I missed some topics, but at that time, they moved on with Establishing Social Media Presence which I need to understand. Still, a great timing for someone who was late. HAHAHA! Honestly, it was such an interesting talk all over it. From balancing our time to book blogging with our school, work, and rest day as well. Up until on requesting ARC to the publishers. They've explained well the reason for publishers rejecting our requests. Whether its territorial rights or blog stats and audience, it was all clarified. I saw some people taking notes about the topics that they have shared. It was a great and meaningful day for a booklover like me and to get to share it with them.

Before the panel ended, we all got the chance to ask several questions about them. Readers asks about any suggestions to improve their blog posts and book instagram posts and they openly answered their insights about it. And they also shared their experiences that brought a lot of fun on the panel. I wanted to shout out that I am very proud to my book blogger for being part on this event. I love you girls!

Another cool thing is having this tag for free! It felt like I am part of the whole festival! This is a great souvenir if you'll ask me. And you know what, they also gave a free entrance pass for MIBF which will be held on SMX MOA next month. And that means more BOOKS! It gets even better seeing this... 


I want to thank National Bookstore once more for creating 'festivals' like this. It means a lot to us, booklovers. You all brought literature into another leap. I love it!

See my face in there? That is a picture of an overwhelmed booklover. THANK YOU!