September Book Mail!!!

Last week has been a bit of stressful week on me. But hey, you what takes out all the stress that I had? BOOK MAIL! It instantly washed out every little rubbish thing on my mind. It was a good timing that publishers sent out the packages. 

From HarperCollins :
Aerie(Magonia #2) by Maria Dahvana Headley
Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria Griffin

From Penguin Random House :
Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glassglow
Miss Peregrine's Journal for Peculiar Children
I am eager to read Spare and Found Parts, not only because of the cover, but the plot itself is quite intriguing. That is why I initially jumped right on looking at the first few pages. Here's the thing, I really did not expect a package from Penguin Random House, I received it as a gift from them for participating the Book Blog Tour and Author Chat on Twitter for their #Thriller Thursday event.

I've been reading some tweets about the new released book of Kathleen Glassglow's Girl in Pieces. Which is why I am in cloud nine when I opened the package and saw the copy. Another unexpected thing is the journal, I honestly didn't know that there was a journal made from his book, so I am surprised. The pages looks vintage with an illusion of dusty type across the papers of the journal. It also has polaroid pictures that depicts some of the peculiarity of the characters!

From the bottom of my bookish heart, THANK YOU FOR THE BOOK MAILS!