Jennifer Smith and Jasmine Warga Event Recap #JenAndJasInPH

National Bookstore made another wonderful book signing event this month and their guests are Jennifer Smith, the author of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, This Is What Happy Looks Like, Geography of You and Me, Hello Goodbye and Everything and her new release book Windfall, Jasmine Warga the author or My Heart and Other Black Holes and her new release book as well, Here We Are Now.

The event spread over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As a Young Adult reader like me, events like this are such a huge deal! Plus, it is Jennifer Smith second time around in the Philippines, how great is that?!?!? 

Last Saturday was their Cebu Event and the day after is the Manila Event. There are a lot of great posts on Instagram mostly. There are a huge amount of readers who went to the signing to see Jennifer and Jasmine.

Fortunately, we had our chance to have a chat with Jennifer and Jasmine last Sunday. And I can already tell you that they are so enthusiastic and enjoyable to be with. They've answered a lot of our questions which mainly about their new books, writing process, and advice.

Jasmine Warga:

At the time of writing My Heart and Other Black Holes, she didn't realize that she was writing about depression and suicide which by the time thought as a taboo kind of topic to talk about. She feels really grateful to initiate the book about the topic that needs to talk more and raise awareness with.  

Here We Are Now is really difficult to write and one of the hardest. She came up with the idea of a girl of why would she write letters to a rock star who doesn't even know her and what does it mean to be a fan of someone else's work. Because of the internet, fans usually get to watch and read interviews about them and somehow, they already feel the connection with them. She has fallen in love with that line of idolization that what if they failed you on a personal level, would you still love them?

For her, a novel start to a character that has a question on them. Also, it is about specificity. The more specific you are on pertaining the book you wanted to write, the more it will add a lot of feel and structure to the book.

Jennifer Smith:

She once wrote a middle-grade fantasy book and it was really fun to try something new, but her heart has always been to contemporary romance. She would like to try other middle-grade genres and screenplay as well, but since there's enough drama to reality, she'd like to explore more on contemporary.

Jennifer likes to write about fates and timings and it is where it ends up since there will always be a finite item to continue to answer in a different situation. The lottery is an example of that. One day she was standing in a line and there's a guy that lined up and it sparked her about a kid who wanted to take chance for a fortune of money.

Windfall has a lot of fate and romance as well. It talks about a lot of misfortune like if something happens for a reason and how to explore those questions and she's a believes that it is true, that things really did happen for a reason. 

The writing advice she loves is just to write the book you wanted to write. It is basically a simple advice but it really works. Whether your fans or publishers wanted you to write a specific book, it won't feel right as much as writing that thing that you love the most. Enjoying the work is the heart of loving what you do and figuring out your path.

Overall, I was really overjoyed with this experience of getting to know them more. And as a reader, talking with one of your favorite authors is the best thing to have.

We got some book swags too!

How is your #JenAndJasInPH experience? 

Thank you so much National Bookstore, Jennifer Smith and Jasmine Warga for a sharing your day with us! WE LOVE YOU!