YA Debut Authors Bash - Cale Dietrich

Hi lovelies! First off, Merry Christmas! I know it is still early to greet but still! How's your December so far? What are the books you are planning to read for this month? 

If you are planning to read The Love Interest or if it is one of your TBR list, then you are in the right track! Every year Nichole of yareads.com creates a Debut Authors Bash in which we are in line to choose one of the authors that we wanted to host. And I am lucky to interview the author The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich!

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He introduced the idea of an undercover agency that sets out a group of profoundly gorgeous, hot and intelligent young adults to fall in love with one of the chosen people from the world, like young genius or athlete or an influential person that could have an edge to the world. And of course, a lot of love and surprises is package on The Love Interest.

If you wanted to know why The Love Interest is an awesome book, you can read my interview with him and you'll see. :D

1. How/When does the idea of The Love Interest came to your mind? Does it remind you of

Great question! So The Love Interest evolved really naturally, and the whole process is still pretty
mystifying to me. I remember the first spark of inspiration was something along the lines of: “how
cool would it be if there was a training academy for the dreamy love interests of YA fiction.” That
idea opened up a whole bunch of interesting story possibilities, like the distinction between Nices
and Bads etc, and I followed those and eventually I had a book!

As for the second part of the question – sort of? I definitely rely on my personal experiences when
writing, but I don’t think in general it reminds me of one particular person. It’s more just a big mash
up of my experiences, if that makes sense.

2. If you would be a part of The Love Interest would you be the Nice or the Bad?

Oh, I would be a Nice for sure! I’d seriously be the worst Bad ever. Like, it’d be SO terrible.
I’m 100% a Nice.

3. From Caden's POV about his sexuality and his struggles on falling in love, have you
encountered any difficulty on interpreting it to your readers?

I don’t believe so! I think everyone knows it’s a gay book so I don’t think there have been any
problems there. That I know about, anyway!

4. I love Juliet's personality as an independent lady and her honesty! Is Juliet is your model
of feminism in your own way?

Thanks so much! I love her as well. I think so, as I am a feminist and think that might show
through her. Mainly though, I just wrote her as she appeared in my head.

Thanks so much for these awesome questions! This was really fun. And happy holidays!

Okay! What do you think about it? Do you consider it as one of your TBR list?
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Hope you'll like it!