My first #BookwormsUnitePH

Yesterday was one of the most enjoyable time that I had. It was my first time to attend the #BookwormsUnitePH and it is even their 4th year, how cool is that?!!? I've seen a lot of pictures from the previous event and I was really jealous not to be able to attend on it. Book lovers had a lot of fun with the activities so I'm looking forward to this event.

The timeline was so accurate. That is a huge plus on me, seeing everything lined up perfectly made it fun from the start. JM opened up the event with a lot of energy, he was very enthusiastic the whole time! Together with Hazel, Inah and their fellow organizers *i can't remember all of the names of the other organizers. huhu* they brought a lot of bookish news and made the games challenging. 

JM is delivering news about the YA Fall '18 Release of Bloomsbury. One of the most anticipated books is, of course, KINGDOM OF ASH!!!

While JM was talking about some of the news, I noticed that the freebies that we had from the registration include 2 ARC! How crazy cool, right? I got the books that I really did not know much about, I think they are standalone. I saw Kyra from the, which she runs a blog with her friend, Nikki, and she luckily had a copy of Smoke in the Sun. I've been eyeing it on the whole event, to be honest. 

Luckily, I was able to trade my books on her, and oh boy, the angels are singing on me! I am at cloud nine having it in my hands!!!!

The prizes are to the next level! The sponsors are Penguin Random House, HarperCollins and National Bookstore. They gave away ARC's and finished copies for the event. And I'm telling you winning is the game is challenging. The games are tricky. They test how well you know the characters, plot twist, and events.  There are 3 set of games. Truths and a Lie, Trivia Game, and Guess the Cover. 

The Truths and a Lie is tricky, of course, you just have to know what is the lie above all of them but the statements dig down the details of the characters. One statement can be true or the other can be a lie. What's even hard is if you haven't read the book. hahaha!

We won on the Trivia Game, it was still tricky of course, but we figure out what is the probability of what the answer usually is. hahaha! The winning team of every game gets to pick the book from a selected pile. 


 The most memorable part is that I just did not win books, I also gain friends that I can share my bookish feelings on them. 

I'm very happy to attend #BookwormsUnite PH and I am looking forward to another event. Thank you so much for the organizers, sponsors and Ateneo for holding an awesome event!



  1. Nice recap, Leslie!! Really glad you had fun last Saturday :) And yes to us first-timers *apir* Not sure if we met there but hello!!

    See you at the next event? :)


    1. Hi Ailla!!! Thanks a lot!! Aww, I wish we had a selfie together!!
      We will definitely see each other on the next event. :)

  2. Leslie, congratulations for being the first to post a recap for Bookworms Unite. You have officially trumped me and so I am now passing down my crown and sash to you. Lol, but kidding aside, it was so, so nice to see you again! It's been so long since we last saw each other and I'm so, so happy that we got to see each other again in yet another bookish event. Congratulations on your haul, and I hope you met some more friends during BU. :) Until the next time!

    I like your boots!

    Love, JM

  3. waahahaha!! *takes the crown* I'm so happy to attend such a wonderful bookish event like this! I am sooo looking forward on the next one! <3