Starcatchers series Book 1 - Peter and the Starcatchers

Title : Peter and The Starcatchers

Author : Dave Barry , Ridley Pearson

Pages: 480 pages 

Publisher: Disney Editions (April 25, 2006)

Rating : 4.5 Stars!!!

                Wanted to know the reasons why Peter Pan never grows up? Why Peter Pan can fly? Why it was called Never Land? The name of Captain Hook before he was Hook? Wanted to know where TinkerBell came from, i mean made from? Its all about the prequel of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan. Well its unathorized prequel, so all of the stories are all from the wild and magical imagination of the authors. And as for me, their imagination is totally astounding!!

It started when Peter and his friends(the original Lost Boys), the authors created them James,Thomas,Prentiss and Tubby Ted ride on a ship named Never Land. From there, Peter discovered the reason/s they were sent down to ride on a ship going to Rundoon. They will meet Molly..Wendy's Mother she told about the Starstuff, Starcatchers and the Others.

The story narrates Peter's adventure with Molly and The (original) Lost Boys to the Mollusk Island and retrieving the starstuffs. It was definitely a great story, that it aligns perfectly on the original Peter Pan story. I also learned about the different adventures of every pirates and conquering every ship that they wanted to. Its full of action. For every part of the story i realized every characters that is made on this book somehow have new traits comparing on the original book. Overall I was totally happy that I bought this book and it will make readers thrilled what will happen next to Peter's adventures.



  1. As a lover of Capt Hook & Peter Pan, this one is a must for my wishlist.

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