Beautiful Darkness

Just finished reading it! Last 3 weeks! It was a great sequel of Beautiful Creatures, more action packed story, more revelations, and more discoveries within a Caster and Mortal World.

The story continues when Lena thought that Macon Ravenwood died because of the Book of Moons that she chanted a spell that will make Ethan come back to life. Well that was everyone thought it was, Ethan having no other memories besides encountering Sarafine has no idea what really happened to all of it. He was oblivious on new things that keep on happening to Lena especially when it includes John Breed, and he didn't know what to do. Well if you have a caster girlfriend that suddenly stays away from you after a tragic incident, something weird is totally happening about it.

There are more characters and revelations that makes me feel eager to finish the book! God, it was all full of spells, creatures and mysteries!