Phantom of the Bathtub

Title : Phantom of the Bathtub

Author : Eugenia Riley

Pages : 369 pages 

Publisher: Love Spell (August 2006)

Rating : 3.5 Stars!!

                      I haven't read the Bushwhacked Groom but still, I was fascinated by this story. This is the first book that I have read about ghosts. Romantic Ghosts. I've just bought the book on BookSale, a store here on our country, a very affordable book store. Last yea, I saw the cover of the book I was already intrigued and interested of the story, but at that time I don't have enough money, I know its an affordable bookstore, but my money was just not enough to buy it. After a year, I've seen it again and at that time I was so happy and delighted. Because I searched for an ebook but can't find one. Luckily, I found and bought it. :D


Viveca Stanhope wanted to escape from all the nightmares that she had on her previous life. When she had the house of her father, a haunted house as the villagers called it, Viveca doesn't care nor listen to any of them. She plans on building a new life on a old house. But being haunted by a phantom is not part of the plan, also falling in love with her hot neighbor that makes Viveca forget her past.

Enduring the sensation of a phantom during bath time could be very difficult. But its more difficult when you have a neighbor that can sense all your feelings that can deeply and romantically respond to a feeling that you've been longing to.


A mix of comedy, horror and romance!!! When I was reading this book, at first I was not fascinated and a bit of disappointed cause unlike other story that I have read on the first part or chapter is already good, but in this book I was not that fascinated in any kind of ways. But as I go along through the pages and read about the naughty love relationship of Max and Viveca, that was the part that I was definitely glad and laughed. The author have a unique way of twisting the love-hate feelings of the characters and I was happy because of that.