New Books!!!

Last week was indeed one of the greatest September of my life. Simply because 1.) the US paperback copies of Queen of Shadows are now released and 2.) Empire of Storms are also released in all bookstores! It instantly felt like I hit two birds with one stone! My boyfriend and I had a date and I dragged him down to the bookstore. But before I did that, I reserved copies from FullyBooked SM Megamall branch via landline and they are accommodating. They understand the tone of my pleading voice to have the books reserved on me even though there are tons of readers who made the same thing that I did. 

The conversation went like this:

Me : Can i please reserve a paperback copy of Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storms?

FullyBooked Staff: We can reserve you a copy of Queen of Shadows but Empire of Storms are all reserved at this moment.

Me: *internal panic attack*

FullyBooked Staff: But we can reserve you in line just in case someone might not get it on the deadline of their reservation. 

Me: Yes. Yes. PLEASE *on bended knees*

FullyBooked Staff: Oh, we now got one! I can reserve it to you now. Would you want it?

Me: *hell yeah!!* Yes please. hehehe.

And so I finally obtain these lovely books of Sarah J. Maas

My boyfriend understands how crazy I am with books that is why he's the one who paid for it. I actually begged for him to have me these copies 2 months ago before they will be released. WAHAHA! 



  1. Wow I feel so tempted to buy these books..!! Don't push me please... :P